Novatio: Cleaning & bonding of non-ferrous metals and stainless steel

Need to clean or bond non-ferrous metals? At Dejond Metals, we distribute Novatio. We have various products in our assortment to maintain, clean, or bond all non-ferrous metals and stainless steel.


Protection & cleaning


Inox-Pro cleans, embellishes and protects in 1 action. Inox-Pro protects and cleans matt or polished metal surfaces, like Inox, aluminium, chromium, non-ferrous metals,... Inox-Pro leaves an antistatic layer and prevents dirt from sticking to the surface. Inox- Pro can also be used for the treatment, protection and cleaning of ceramic parts, treated wood, glass and plastics. Inox-Pro does not affect glass, plastic or rubbers.


Inox-Pro technical data sheet

Inox-Pro safety information



An NSF category A1 registered cleaner and composed of elements which are all NSF registered. Suitable for all food processing companies and firms which develop machinery that may come in contact with food. Easy and fast to use. It is safe to use even on sensitive surfaces, contains no abrasives and has a pleasant odour, leaves no traces, smears or coloured marks on surfaces.


Multifoam FS technical data sheet

Multifoam FS safety information


Safety Clean

A multipurpose solvent-degreaser for removing adhesives, sealants, oil, grease, silicon, wax, tar, paraffin, printing ink, ... . Safe in use on most materials as painted surfaces, vinyl, glass, rubber, formica, textile, most plastics, ... .


Safety Clean technical data sheet

Safety Clean safety information


Seal & bond MS Construct

Seal & Bond MS Construct is a high tech adhesive kit with an extremely quick and very powerful setting on the widest range of materials. This solvent and isocyanate-free assembly adhesive has a very high tensile strength and does not show signs of ageing. Seal & Bond MS Construct is neutral and acid-free, and can be used on a variety of materials, even natural stone. Seal & Bond MS Construct allows for 40 mm adhesive strips without any deformation.


Seal & Bond MS Construct technical data sheet

Seal & Bond MS Construct safety information


Seal & Bond Spray

Seal & Bond Spray is a unique glue which can be used with a spatula, a brush or a sprayer and based on high-grade hybrid polymers. Seal & Bond Spray remains flexible and dries by air humidity, without releasing isocyanates. Seal & Bond Spray is simple to apply and structure with the Novatio Mastergun. Seal & Bond Spray can be repainted very quickly, even "wet on wet.' No irritating solvent odour.


Seal & Bond Spray technical data sheet

Seal & Bond Spray safety information

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