Cold galvanisation


Zinga provides active protection for all ferrous metals by applying a galvanizing film that electrochemically reacts with its metal substrate.


  • Anti-rust protection through film galvanizing
  • For the protection of installations, vehicles, vessels, masts, boilers, silos, corrugated sheets, fences, heating pipes, containers, etc.
  • Applied easily like paint
  • Has a protective nature comparable to hot-dip galvanizing
  • Also available in aerosol cans and sold as Zingaspray
Zinga | Dejond Metal Matters Wilrijk 



Zingalu is our fast-drying one-component product based on aluminium flakes.

It can be directly applied to old, non-corroded hot-dip galvanization or to a metallized layer or as an aluminium topcoat on ZINGA.


  • Can be applied with a brush under many types of weather conditions
  • Mainly used for aesthetic reasons as it has a shiny aluminium appearance
  • It has good chemical and abrasive resistance, allowing it to be used in industrial environments
  • Also available in aerosol cans and sold as Zingaluspray
Zingalu | Dejond Metal Matters Wilrijk


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