Discover our high-quality Riveting Systems for reliable sheet metal connections. From blind rivets to structural solutions, we are your expert in industrial riveting. Get advice from our specialists!

Riveting systems

Riveting is a fast and dependable method for joining various sheet materials. Think of the countless riveted joints in aeroplanes. Although primarily used for metal, riveted joints can also be applied to plastic or composite materials. One significant advantage of riveted joints is their vibration resistance, crucial for various applications.


Our varied riveting techniques

Our expertise encompasses various riveting techniques, with the most well-known for light loads being the use of blind rivets, also known as rivets. These are available in different materials and finishes, such as open, water- or gas-tight, countersunk or flat head, and more. For manufacturers dealing with large volumes of a specific blind rivet, we offer repeat systems. These systems enable high-volume production in series, whether it's handheld tools or integrated systems with multiple heads.


Solutions for heavy Loads

Furthermore, we also provide solutions for heavy loads with our structural systems. These are often used to replace the time-consuming and costly welding process or traditional bolt/nut connections. Our systems are used in various sectors such as truck and trailer construction, bodywork, agricultural vehicles, machinery construction, bridges, storage racks, and more.


Professional advice and support

Our product specialists are available to advise and support you in your projects. Feel free to request a visit to your workplace!


Premium partner of Stanley Engineered Fastening

We are proud and motivated to be appointed as the Premium Partner for the Benelux region by Stanley Engineered Fastening, a global leader in fastening and mounting solutions.

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